if you have antibodies can you get the vaccine


If You Have Antibodies Can You Get The Vaccine

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Can you get COVID vaccine if you don’t have a spleen? Will ...

You should still get vaccinated if you don’t have a spleen. However, the spleen plays an important role in your immune system so it’s possible the vaccine may not work as well for you. Still ... - Get More

If you have COVID antibodies, why get the vaccine ...

"Why in the world would you need the vaccine if you already have the COVID antibodies," Carol asked. Infectious Disease Specialist, Dr. Mohammed Reza … - Get More

Here's How Long You Have Antibodies If You Had COVID, New ...

RELATED: This Vaccine Reaction Means You May Have Already Had COVID, Study Says. ... Although antibodies can be useful in protecting you against various illnesses, they're not the only component that's key to preventing reinfection, either. According to Healthline, helper T cells, killer T cells, and B cells are all also necessary to acquire immunity. Helper T cells help recognize pathogens ... - Get More

VERIFY: Yes, you should get COVID-19 shot if you have ...

If you were treated for COVID-19 symptoms with monoclonal antibodies or convalescent plasma you should wait 90 days before getting the vaccine. Author: Mark … - Get More

Do You Still Need the COVID Vaccine If You Have Antibodies?

“As antibodies decline over time, it is uncertain for how long people will be protected against reinfection, so it is recommended that you still get the vaccine,” adds Dr. Brown. - Get More

If You Don't Have COVID Vaccine Side Effects, Are You ...

If the antibodies fail for some reason, you still have all these other cells working.” That is why antibodies do not tell the whole story of how well an immune system is protected. For a ... - Get More

What Happens If You Have COVID When You Get the Vaccine ...

We also know you can mix different vaccines and get equally powerful responses even if you combine 4 or 5 different vaccines, so there is no worry … - Get More

COVID-19 vaccine details: New variants, when you can get ...

COVID-19 vaccine details: New variants, when you can get vaccinated, hidden fees. You have a lot of questions about the coronavirus vaccine, and we don't blame you one bit. - Get More

Can You Get the Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccine If You’re ...

Can You Get the Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccine If You’re Immunocompromised or Have an Autoimmune Condition? Public health experts and doctors want most people with autoimmune conditions, who are immunocompromised, or who take immunosuppressant medication to get a COVID-19 vaccine. Here’s what you need to know. - Get More

What you can and can’t do once you’ve received your 1st ...

To date, more than 10.3 million people in Canada have received at least one COVID-19 vaccine dose.. With roughly 25 per cent of the Canadian population now vaccinated against the … - Get More

I got J&J and the most I had was a dream about twenty flying Hersheys. Also I had blood drawn the other day and I STILL have antibodies and I got the shot in April. There is no "bad" vaccine. Get the shot if you can https://t.co/5s00gKLgB7

@KevinHuckle @kontrolfeed @DerekAudette @MaxBeare1 @FinallyInspired @al_shotgun It says if you get C19, it can damage your vascular system. Not the vaccine derived spike protein. Those only display on a very limited amount of your cells. Just enough to trigger an immune response and create antibodies. Do you have any clue how this works? That's rhetorical.

@BrianPierucki @mellowcg @al_shotgun Why would a person with antibodies take the vaccine? The vaccinated only have that mRNA BS not true antibodies. What’s more, if they get Covid as many are, they don’t develop antibodies. Whoops. We can’t reach Heard Immunity be all you sheep took a vaccine.

@mhdksafa @jambie61 If we were only talking about an actual vaccine, but the covid shots don't prevent you from getting the disease, they don't keep you from passing it to someone else. I have antibodies coz I had the virus. I can't get it and I can't pass it. So why would I get a non-vaccine shot?

@dougmastriano So, why not a "covid antibody passport" instead of a vaccine passport?By now they should know the average antibodies a person has 2 months after having the vaccine and everybody else can test for how many they have from nat. immunity.Dr's say to not get the vax if you had covid.

@insomnochick It's a public health crisis. No one is discriminating you based on whether you are Jewish or not or any other thing that you can't help. If you choose not to get the vaccine and you don't have any antibodies then you are part of the problem

@FOSGATEXLT Vaccinated people have a much lower chance of catching COVID so the more people that are vaccinated, the fewer that will continue catching it and you can't pass it on if you don't catch it. Also, the vaccine lasts longer than naturally acquired antibodies. Please get educated.

@CaliShooterOne @vaccine_Ls scientifically speaking if you had it before even without the vaccine you can still get it again but your body has the antibodies for the antigens so a normal functioning body is able to kill it quicker within hours so you don’t know you have it again. vaccine replicates this

@Zach98105143 @renaekatee @PhillyD @h3h3productions that’s great to hear. so i don’t necessarily disagree entirely with your point. i just feel like people who can get the vaccine should. that’s all. if you have your antibodies for now that’s fine. but once it comes that time where you need to get vaxxed, i heavily encourage it.

RT @The_____Beach: @GinnaRoe @KSTP You can still get covid if you're vaccinated. You can still spread covid to other vaccinated individuals…

@mattjtaylor98 @AP Seems like you don't understand many simple facts. Vaccine doesn't kill the virus. If you can get infected after taking the shot you're letting it exists as much as unvaccinated and much more than those who got sick and recovered and have antibodies.

RT @The_____Beach: @GinnaRoe @KSTP You can still get covid if you're vaccinated. You can still spread covid to other vaccinated individuals…

@tetra_40 @genesimmons If you have had Covid 19 and survived you have the antibodies, you can also get tested by your dr. In response to your request that I get the vaccine, well you can have mine, now you’re safe #

@GinnaRoe @KSTP You can still get covid if you're vaccinated. You can still spread covid to other vaccinated individuals even if you're vaccinated. These nurses worked through the pandemic and most have natural antibodies. People need to follow the science NOT the vaccine CULT

I hate how people are so loud mouthed about getting the vaccine, to people who had covid. If they had covid, they have antibodies just like you. You can still get covid after getting the shot, the world doesn't just hand you a free pass.

@NikkiFried @HHSGov I SWEAR I will get vaccinated if you can show me SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE of why the vaccine is needed for those who already have the antibodies.

RT @originalmarkz: Nothing like the smell of medical apartheid in the morning to get the old juices flowing...You have to ask yourself if w…

@AnnMccl95423998 @schadjoe I recovered from covid so I have the antibodies already just like a vaccine does. If you’re vaccinated or not the cdc And faucci recommends to wear a mask. They said get vaccinated or continue to wear a mask at first but then realized vaxed can transmit the virus as well

@Erin_Christy @EastOKChiro I seem to remember when smoking was advertised and considered ok to do in the ama journals. Also can you tell me why if you have had covid and carry the antibodies why would you get a vaccine. Acquired immunity is better than chemical immunity.

@TiffanyDCross I'm not vaccinated but I also had covid and considering if you're vaccinated you can still get it or pass it to others then I don't see the need for the vaccine because I had covid and I feel I still have the antibodies

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