how to clean soap scum off marble


How To Clean Soap Scum Off Marble

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How To Remove Soap Scum on Granite & Marble

Keep soap scum from building up and you'll also reduce the chance for developing mold, mildew, and dirty grout. Homemade remedies like a dilute ammonia and water solution may "work" to remove the soap scum, BUT the ammonia will cause marble etching leaving chalky dull spots or streaks or ruining the entire finish on the marble or travertine tile.

The Easy Way to Remove Soap Scum from Marble

Follow these steps: 1. Liberally add marble soap scum remover onto the microfiber towel. To be scared to add a lot of soap scum remover to... 2. With the microfiber towel, rub the areas of the marble that contains soap scum. You can apply as much pressure as... 3. If …

Remove Soap scum from marble the Easy Way! - YouTube

Soap scum in your marble shower is an annoying problem that ruins the attractive look of your marble and can be very difficult to remove. This video tells yo...

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If the soap scum buildup is particularly crusty, use a clean sponge dampened with water to dab the soap scum affected areas with ammonia. Follow with the above pH neutral detergent method, and be sure not to let the ammonia rest for too long on the stain.

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