how do you calculate vaccination coverage


How Do You Calculate Vaccination Coverage

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How to Calculate Immunization Coverage and Dropout Rates ...

The coverage rate shows the percentage of your target population that was immunized with a vaccine. The dropout rate shows the percentage of infants who rece...

WHO | Immunization coverage

Immunization coverage Description. Immunization coverage is a key measure of immunization system performance. The following pages provide information on the methods, materials and tools used to measure or estimate immunization coverage, and on immunization coverage

Coverage Examples Calculator Instructions

To use the coverage calculator, you will need information on the plan’s cost sharing, deductibles, and coverage limits for several benefit categories. See ... Vaccine and other preventive services . Out-of-pocket limit . Enter the annual out-of-pocket limit for the plan or coverage. For family coverage

Principles of Epidemiology | Lesson 3 - Section 6

EXAMPLE: Calculating Vaccine Effectiveness. Calculate the vaccine effectiveness from the varicella data in Table 3.13. VE = (42.9 − 11.8) ⁄ 42.9 = 31.1 ⁄ 42.9 = 72%. Alternatively, VE = 1 − RR = 1 − 0.28 = 72%. So, the vaccinated group experienced 72% fewer varicella cases than they would have if they had not been vaccinated.

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