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Define Jiggy Jig

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Jigjog - definition of Jigjog by The Free Dictionary

n. 1. A jolting motion; a jogging pace. a. 1. Having a jolting motion.

Jiggy Meaning | Best 3 Definitions of Jiggy

What does jiggy mean? Engaged in sexual intercourse. (adjective) The couple went upstairs to get jiggy.

What does jig-jig mean? jig-jig Definition. Meaning of jig ...

jig-jig: [noun - uncountable] sexual intercourse. See more words with the same meaning: sex, sexual intercourse .

Jig-jog | Definition of Jig-jog by Merriam-Webster

Jig-jog definition is - to move with jigs or jogs : bounce jerkily up and down in proceeding : jolt repeatedly up and down. How to use jig-jog in a sentence.

Jig - definition of jig by The Free Dictionary

n., v. jigged, jig•ging. n. 1. a plate, box, or open frame for holding work and for guiding a machine tool to the work. 2. any of several devices that are jerked up and down in or pulled through the water to attract fish to a line. 3. an apparatus for washing coal or separating ore from gangue by shaking and washing.

Urban Dictionary: Jig

A device for guiding a tool or for holding machine work in place. "The cabinet maker clamped the piece of wood to the jig that he uses to guide the router around the edges of the wood ." …

Urban Dictionary: Jighead

Jig Head: A person with a large head that is very cocky and short is often refered to as a Jig, or Jighead. Damn, Why does chris have to be such a jighead #jig #jigghead #jigaboo #jiggy #jigascouse

Urban Dictionary: Jiggy James

The act of vomiting profusly into a partners mouth for sexual pleasure. I love to Jiggy James all night, espeacially after eating tons of hotdogs. #vomiting #hotdogs #jiggy #james #pleasure. by walnuts666 …

Jiggly | Definition of Jiggly at

Jiggly definition, tending to jiggle or marked by a jiggling movement. See more.

Urban Dictionary: Jiggy Wit It

Jiggy Wit Itunknown. A term very uncommonly used that relates to the art form of whittling (carveing wood) The word jiggy refers to a knife or your carving tool which you use to whittle. The term is always used as a verb. " Thats a nice piece of wood over there, lets jiggy wit it ". #whittle #whittling #carving #wood #knives #wid #giggy.

jiggy - Wiktionary

jiggy (comparative more jiggy, superlative most jiggy) Resembling or suggesting a jig. quotations ▼ (slang) Crazy. He's gone completely jiggy.

Definition of jiggery-pokery |

informal, mainly British dishonest or deceitful behaviour or business; trickery Word Origin for jiggery-pokery C19: from Scottish dialect joukery-pawkery Collins English Dictionary - Complete & Unabridged …

jiggy - Dictionary of English

jig•gy ( jig′ ē), USA pronunciation. adj., -gi•er, -gi•est. [ Slang.] Slang Terms nervous; active; excitedly energetic. wonderful and exciting, esp. because stylish. of uncertain origin, originally, perh. fr. jig2 or …

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